Online Ordering

We now offer many different options for ordering Squat & Gobble online. You can now order directly from our site for PICK-UP at any one of our locations.

Online Ordering for In-Store Pick Up

Use “GOBBLE” to save 10% on your entire order. Discount Only available from the Squat & Gobble Website. See links to each location below

Online Ordering for Delivery

In addition to our own Online Ordering, we are also offering online ordering with delivery options from GrubHub, DoorDash, UberEats and Postmates! Simply choose from one of our 3 locations below to get started. Order online today and enjoy Squat & Gobble to go!

GrubHub, Squat & Gobble


West Portal


DoorDash, Squat & Gobble
UberEats, Squat & Gobble