Gives Diners More Al Fresco Options

San Francisco, Calif. (March 3, 2011) – San Francisco restaurant chain Squat & Gobble debuted its new parklet space at the Castro District location this weekend. The parklet, a part of San Francisco’s Pavements to Parks program, will add to Squat & Gobble’s existing outdoor patio area and offers a relaxing community area off of the sidewalk area just outside of the restaurant.

Squat & Gobble’s reputation as a premier breakfast and lunch spot with a “San Francisco feel” made it a prime choice for a parklet location. Parklets make use of unused street space, turning stretches of extra concrete into community niches of hip gardens, outdoor seating and bicycle space. Customers at the Squat & Gobble Castro location will now be able to enjoy the restaurant’s full menu while seated in the parklet, which extends from the sidewalk out onto spaces previously used for parking.

“We’re honored and excited to have been awarded one of the parklet spaces. This comes just in time for the warm spring weather that is ahead. We invite our customers from all over the city to visit our new outdoor space at our Castro District location,” explains Issa Sweiden, owner of the Squat & Gobble family of restaurants.

The Pavements to Parks program relies on community involvement in picking a proposed parklet site. Community residents expressed their interests in Squat & Gobble as a popular location in the community that opened out onto a narrow sidewalk.

The new parklet is one of fifteen that have been completed or started in San Francisco so far and this is the only space of its kind in the Castro District.

Squat & Gobble is located at 3600 16th and Market St, in the Castro District. Squat & Gobble has four other neighborhood locations in Upper Haight, Fillmore Street, West Portal and the Marina. The full menu is available all day, and includes dinner specials.